Stakeholders Engagement and Communities of Practices (CoPs)

CRONUS project aims at active stakeholder engagement through Communities of Practices. CRONUS will create the content and context to foster the emergence and establishment of CoPs, which are social learning systems that bring together people from different backgrounds and perspectives, with different types of complementary knowledge and expertise, who share a concern to solve a particular problem and/or carry out a project for the development of particular technological innovations and learn how to do it better.

On the one side, CRONUS project would rely on CoPs to identify of cultural, technological, logistical, regulatory and market barriers, as well as to identify uncertainties and value tensions around biogenic CO2 CUS technologies. Later in the project, CoPs will allow us to develop business plans and exploitation scenarios, and to explore and discuss societal implications of implementing CUS of biogenic CO2 technologies, with explicit recognition of emerging tensions between societal values.

CoPs will be a place where participants will learn about CRONUS cutting-edge technologies, connect to and exchange knowledge with a diverse network of actors from the policy, academic, market, financing, industrial and citizens domains, and improve international visibility within an European Horizon project.